Hi there, we’re Drs Rani and Suraj – Wellness Coaches and Holistic Psychiatrists (MBBS, MRCPsych). We offer…

a drug-free path to nurture the mind, body & spirit

We coach professionals to break free from the vicious cycle of chronic stress and overwhelm so that you get to enjoy a fit and healthy life, live and express your full potential, and reconnect with your true purpose.

Suraj, Rani

Are you tired of being offered the same old treatment options for STRESS that don't work for you?

Traditional mental health paradigm has its place BUT when it comes to helping you with chronic stress, find meaning and your true purpose in life, it falls woefully short!

Medications, CBT or other forms of therapy help sometimes. But for a majority of people, they can seem like ‘sticky plasters’.

With psychotropic medications, the risks often outweigh their benefits in the long run. Moreover, between a third and half of those who take antidepressants or anxiolytic medications will experience some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when needing to discontinue medications.

If that has been your experience, we hear you.

Do not assume you’re on your own.

You’re here to be guided with holistic ways of nurturing the mind, body and spirit.

You’ll learn effective ways to optimise your physical health, experience inner resilience and wellbeing by getting to enjoy the benefits of a calm and quiet mind.

We have 40 years of clinical experience between us.

We understand how it feels to struggle with overwhelm and stress. We have lived it ourselves and have helped many get FREEDOM from it in a way that has transformed their lives!

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5 Essential Stress-busting Habits for the Hardworking Professional

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Coaching Testimonials

“Rani has the most extraordinary and effective blend of conventional psychiatric experience with alternative and empowering approaches to well-being and life coaching of anyone I know.”

“I can honestly say that Suraj is one of the most, if not the most, enlightening and inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. A placid sea of calm and the most attentive of listeners – he has given me advice on multiple occasions that have dramatically changed both my personal life and my career.”

“Suraj is a superstar! Plain and simple. I sought his professional advice and was not disappointed. He is calm, measured and above all else, approachable. His knowledge in his field is second-to-none…”

“Rani is truly amazing and a superb practitioner who has a naturally warm and light-hearted nature, expert knowledge and… She is able to focus right in on the necessary approach to each situation which is astonishingly effective…I have been set free from years of buried pain, sadness, loss, anger and self-loathing.”


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If you’re here to explore all things related to a healthier work-life balance, you have come to the right place. We know how important this is for you. 

You may absolutely love what you do in your career or profession, but maybe you sense the void of something, that last missing piece of the ‘puzzle’.

In your pursuit of success and fulfilment, life can seem to get more complicated, stressful and your goals even more elusive.

We know from working with many professionals over the years that taking responsibility for your well-being isn’t a problem for you. The challenge is getting the right guidance and support that you need to navigate to your wellbeing.

Without that guidance, it’s easy to lose your way in the noise and distractions of modern life. 

If that’s your story, we truly get it as we have been there ourselves!

We are here to help you change that. 

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