#1: Listening Into Wellbeing {Intro Episode}

Welcome to the very first episode of our podcast! Here we share with you our aims with the podcast and what you can expect from our conversations in the future. When we say Listening Into Wellbeing it brings with it a sense of freshness.

We have learned that it’s not about doing something to feel well i.e. wellbeing is not well-doing. Our conversations are aimed to guide you to the source within. The main purpose of this podcast is to point you to something which is fundamental to all our experiences.

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Transcript of episode #1

We probably have got what we have been looking for all this long. Yes, so I’m creating that mysticism about it. Welcome to the Listening Into Wellbeing our very first podcast, we are really excited that we finally got to do the first episode and bring it to you. I have with me, Rani and we are going to tell you a little bit about what our aims and objectives are for this podcast and what you can expect coming down the line from us. This podcast may challenge your beliefs about well being

Hi, we are Rani and Suraj, husband and wife team, psychiatrists, authors and wellbeing coaches.

We guide heart-centred entrepreneurs and professionals to their true wellbeing unlocking their full potential, bringing clarity and enjoyment to their life and business.

We bring our mental health and coaching experience and understanding of Eastern spirituality into our conversations every week. If that resonates with you, stay tuned.

Welcome to the Listening Into Wellbeing podcast.

Yes, so it’s so exciting! I have done a podcast with my good friend Liz (Scott) before. But then, when Suraj and I started this new venture, we also wanted to share our understanding together. And, for those of you who don’t know, we are both psychiatrists, well being coaches, and we are also a husband and wife team. So when we had this idea to have our very own podcast, the next thing we had to think about was, what shall we call it? And we do remember all this brainstorming about what should we call it? And we had an interesting conversation around that.

I lost count of how many possibilities we had come up with probably about 50 I think?

Well, it was like you know, thinking about our children’s name before they were born and looking at what name would suit them. And, eventually, we came across, you know, we had this in mind that if it was to do about well-being we knew who we wanted to connect to. Those are the people. Those are the audience we wanted to attract through our podcast. And we knew it had to be about well being. There’s such a lot of misunderstanding about what well-being means. And we wanted to demystify that in our podcast. Absolutely.

I remember when we were going through names, I don’t know who can take the credit really of coming up with this name…Are you sure? Yeah. Okay, I’ll give you that. That’s something we both connected with, quite deeply didn’t we? …And “listening”, it’s not listening through our ears – it’s listening through all senses really.

I have to give this credit also to Liz because I remember we did a podcast about ‘listening into well-being’. So, Liz and I jointly, I think, came up with listening into well being. And that always stuck with me because it was not about…we talk about listening, right? There’s a lot of talk about how we need to listen to people and active listening and the best way to listen to people. When we say listening into well being it brings with it a freshness. It’s not about doing something to feel well or well “doing”. Basically we’re pointing to the source within. That’s the best word I can come up with right now.

Yeah. And I just wanted to say to our new audience, if they haven’t listened to your previous podcast, The Wellbeing Podcast, it’s available on all podcast platforms. So they can go and check it out on Apple podcast, certainly. Regarding what you’re saying, of course, we are not here to tell people what to do and certainly not offering any tools or strategies, are we? So what we’d be sharing with you will come from our own experience and understanding of what we have come to see as true well being, and what we have experienced ourselves both personally and professionally.

And this goes without saying right? We both have explored a lot of approaches to wellbeing, we have between us 40 years of experience working in the mental health field. The main purpose of this podcast is to point people to something which is much simpler than looking at something very complicated about well being and what we need to do for our well being. Of course, we will be exploring different things like how do you look after your body because we do have a body and we need to look after the body. We will talk about nutrition and we will be having conversations with experts. We want to keep this fresh, we want to have different conversations with people but the whole time we’ll be pointing to something, the core, the essence of who we truly are. Again, that’s the simplest way I can put it right now

The psychological mind is no good if your body is failing and if you’re not looking after your physical activity, fitness and nutrition. So we want to go into wellbeing taking a very holistic, well encompassing view. Is that a word? Well encompassing? Yeah, possibly. I said it now!

What we’ll also be doing there is, we get a lot of questions, don’t we? We get a lot of emails and questions that people are puzzled with. They say, “Rani, you said this, but what do you mean by that?”, “I struggled with that particular thing you said” and so we will be bringing a lot of questions that our clients or our patients ask us, and what we have seen about suffering, I can only say this, between us, we have seen a whole spectrum of distress and suffering. And people who come to us have either like maybe a mild degree of stress and anxiety or suffering from work-related stress to the most extreme. And they’ve something so much in common. And that’s the thing we will be pointing people to again and again. And this is more of an educational podcast, rather than say, a therapy as such. We are not doing therapy. We are not doing any psychiatry here. Right?

No, certainly not. That’s the beauty of it, isn’t it? And most of us don’t need therapy. Once we understand we can all access our well being. We probably have got what we have been looking for all this long. Probably? Yes, so I’m creating that mysticism about it. I just wanted to say we will have this podcast and we have created a website and there will be a place to leave comments as well. So if you have any questions, or you want us to address a question in our upcoming podcast, we will pick it up from there and we will share your name as well. So that’s exciting.

Yeah, this is so exciting. This is something we have created from nothing. And we don’t know where we are heading in away. But one thing is very clear. We are committed to just sharing what we know to be true and what has helped us. Not just us, there are thousands of people across the world looking inward rather than outward for the answer. And this is what the podcast is about.

Yeah. And we want to bring those examples to you, invite different points of view, people with their own unique experiences, but all leading to the same conclusion, I suppose. So we do encourage you to subscribe to our podcast channel if you want to be notified of new episodes as and when they come up. We are aiming to do this, we’ll have an episode once a week at least. And we’ll have interesting guests.

Yes. And we do need your support in order for us to really spread the word and, really come up with something useful for people. We do need your support as listeners. So please, support us as best as you can by listening, by sharing our podcast or just giving us encouraging words because again, this is not about me and Suraj. But this is about us and us coming together to a place of realization that, the answer that we’re looking for is much simpler than we think it is. So thank you so much for listening.

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