Beating CHRONIC FATIGUE: a fascinating journey from desperation to HEALTH.

In this episode, Rani chats to John El-Mokedem, a breakthrough coach helping people facing significant challenges in life. Some of the conversation highlights of this fascinating conversation are:

  1. The story of John’s own journey from being a chronic fatigue syndrome sufferer to complete remission after he had a deep insight into the nature of his experiences.
  2. John’s realisation that trying to control every aspect of life with his thinking contributed to his illness.
  3. How John found it futile to navigate his illness through his thinking mind.
  4. That peace is not the absence of symptoms.
  5. “It takes energy to be tired.”
  6. Life and its challenges are not navigated in thinking.
  7. The analogy of the leaky bucket – the leaks representing a misunderstanding about the nature of the mind and our experiences.
  8. John’s research study demonstrating the efficacy of psycho-spiritual mental health education for people with chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Link to the research paper

John’s website

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