Fix Your Lifestyle, Claim Your Health: with Dr Charlotte Marriott, Lifestyle Medicine Expert

Here we speak to Dr Charlotte Marriott about all things Lifestyle Medicine. Dr Charlotte Marriott is a Consultant Psychiatrist in the NHS and a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician with a particular interest in neuroscience. She is also Chair of the BSLM Mental Health Special Interest Group.

Charlotte likes to inspire and empower her patients to make small changes to their lifestyle habits to improve their physical and mental health and reduce the burden of medication side effects.

Topics covered:

1. As a psychiatrist, how did Charlotte get interested in lifestyle medicine?
2. The path of becoming a certified lifestyle practitioner.
3. How does one bring lifestyle conversations to clients?
4. What we do every day is not always in our conscious awareness.
5. The benefits of adopting a lifestyle medicine approach.
6. The special benefits of lifestyle medicine for people taking psychiatric drugs.
7. 3 key actionable steps.
8. The power of using tiny habits to make incremental changes.
9. Facts about a good diet.
10. Facts about exercise.
11. Facts about sleep.
12. A recap of the key takeaways.

Charlotte can be found on Instagram as @thelifestylepsychiatrist and in real life in a field somewhere.

What she made reference to:

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