Inspiring Story of Survival – relationship expert Debra Simmons

Rani speaks to Debra Simmons, a Relationship Expert who takes us on a journey of how she came through a personal experience of domestic abuse and violence to coaching those feeling lost in life.

Listen to Debra’s story of resilience, unconditional love and thriving – all guided by awakening from the inside-out.

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In this episode:

00:01:16 Debra’s brief biography

00:02:35 “The reason I got into an unhealthy place in my life…”

00:04:12 Experiencing domestic abuse

00:07:11 “Trying not to be who I was”

00:15:07 Seeing the deeper reality for the first time

00:19:55 About forgiveness

00:22:38 How not to keep reliving the past

00:28:27 “I see a glimmer of light in my mind”

00:30:52 “Human beings have the capacity to do things like that for themselves in ways that make sense for themselves”

00:34:07 How can you best help someone suffering domestic abuse?

00:37:27 “People have got into that position through fear and insecurity from not understanding their own mind”

00:42:41 Debra’s takeaway message

00:43:16 How to connect with Debra

Debra’s website
Debra’s Clubhouse
Debra’s LinkedIn