Being Not Doing – conversation with Dr Giles P Croft

Well, it finally happened, we had the one and only Dr Giles P Croft on our podcast! Giles is a former surgeon who gave up an assured surgical career to establish himself as a skilled and experienced innate health and resilience coach. There was much hilarity and over the course of 45 minutes we talked about:

  1. Leaving medicine by accident
  2. Building a business from scratch
  3. Cutting loose from the stories we tell ourselves
  4. Dialling down evangelism; dialling up compassion
  5. Our shared love of sleep
  6. Our human obsession of turning being into doing
  7. Mistakenly attaching our wellbeing to something outside of us
  8. The 4 steps to take, for an entirely fresh perspective on wellbeing
  9. The folly of belief
  10. The difference between spirituality and religion
  11. Why nature is so important
  12. Giles’ ONE tip for an easier life

Giles’ Fresh Perspective on Wellbeing online course, that you can take part in for FREE, right now, over at

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