Let LIFE be your teacher and HEART your guide – with Dr Andrew Tresidder

Rani talks to Dr Andrew Tresidder in this episode. Andrew is a medical doctor and GP by background. He is a strong advocate of patient empowerment and of holistic and complementary approaches in healthcare. Andrew qualified from Guy’s Hospital in 1983 and trained as a GP mainly in the South West of England.

Andrew’s current interests are in education (Health of Health Professionals), clinical work (South West Clinical Lead for NHS Practitioner Health), investigations and quality work for Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group, GP Appraisals for NHS England, and in human factors for wellbeing and performance. He has taught widely on Health and Self Care for Health Professionals for organisations including NHSE, BMA, GP Trainers Groups, and others.

Andrew’s book is a free download from healthandself.care. He is currently Clinical Lead of Somerset CCG Pastoral Care for Front Line Staff Cell. Early in 2020, he was an early adopter and enthusiast for Thinking Pitstops as a cognitive tool to achieve deep and lasting affective change, helping people through a precise intervention to reach personal destinations in a seemingly effortless and deceptively simple process.

He has a particular love of nature and the outdoors, and a great interest in the effect of nature upon our health and psychology.

Highlights of this episode:

  1. What got Andrew interested in self-care and holistic approaches to wellbeing including complementary medicine and flower remedies.
  2. The word doctor coming from Latin means teacher, solutions to many problems in life are educational, it’s about understanding.
  3. We think we learn from our education. Life has a curriculum. It wants us to learn it as well.
  4. Life is a co-creative process. We’re all participating. And we’re all actors in a fascinating big drama, and we’re all learning all the time. And the day we stopped learning is the day that it might feel it’s not worth waking up.
  5. As health care professionals, it’s like we have been taught how to treat car crashes but not how to prevent these from happening in the first place.
  6. That it is easier to pop a pill than make some sustainable lifestyle changes.
  7. It takes an illness, sometimes a serious illness or tragedy in our personal life, before we realise that we need to wake up from a dream state and realise what’s important in life, to balance the head and heart.
  8. Logic can only inform us. It’s intuition that must guide us. Logic unguided will take us most elegantly up one of the many blind alleys. But once you use intuition to guide you, it’s like using your internal satnav.
  9. That flower essences are information from nature captured in water preserved in brandy, the benefits and how to use them.

Andrew’s website: https://www.drandrew.co.uk

Website: https://drsranisuraj.com
Instagram: @drs.raniandsuraj

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